Monday, July 9, 2012

Mommy and Me Monday

Last week the girls were up way too early for Josh's taste following a late night gig.  So I got up with them and let him sleep.  To entertain them (and help myself) we did some yoga all together.  Then Annie and I played some drums a bit.

Meanwhile, Josh decided he was awake and came out and saw us.  He snapped a couple photos of us in the process.

Triagle Pose - Annie wasn't so much into it. 

Playing drums with Annie

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daddy Daughter Play Time

Josh has been so busy with his bands this summer that he's been missing his girls. So on our day off, after our hike, we decided to hit the park for a picnic and some daddy-daughter play time.   

the pretty girl on top of the car
Climbing high

Wave at Mommy

Morning Hike

We had no plans for the morning of the 4th.  We were excited at the prospect of having the entire morning to do something fun for us and no one else.  So we packed a picnic and went to a close regional park and went for a hike.  Hiking with a 3 y/o and a 19 month old takes a lot of patience.  We'd never spent any real time in this park, so we didn't really know what to expect.  It's near a reservoir, and some of the trail heads go that way.  It's also adjacent to some houses.  

We encountered quite a few runners (a goal of mine is to do some trail running) and lots of dog walkers and our share of cyclists.  We heard a horse, but never encountered one.

Knowing that the girls would give up pretty quickly on the hiking part of the morning, we took both the jogging stroller and baby carrier.

We started out with Annie in the stroller and Audrey walking.  We ran, narrowly escaping the monsters, stayed ahead of daddy looked at the flowers and trees, listened to the birds chirping and bugs buzzing.  We tried to keep Audrey interested in what we were doing.  Let her set the pace.  We found a cool stick for her to draw in the dirt.  

At one point Annie wanted to get out and stretch her legs.  So she got out and Audrey took the seat in the stroller.  That didn't last long, so Annie then found her way on my shoulders, and then into the baby carrier.  

We estimate that we hiked about 6 miles round trip.  There were some super steep hills that we had to go up.  We got a thorough workout pushing a stroller and wearing a baby.

Helping daddy push the stroller
Look at daddy way up there and we're down here!

Family photo!!!


The baby carrier is AWESOME!!!

Eventually both girls fell asleep.  A little early for their nap, but we wore them out early.

These were all taken with my point and shoot.  I sure do miss my Nikon when I use my p&s.