Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mom ... an entry from the official Christine's Contemplations Dictionary

Mom: female adult "skilled" in the art and science of raising a child 

Synonyms: mommy, mother, mama, Madre (esp), handholder, couch cushion, cuddle partner, owie-kisser, lovie finder, cupholder, tv turner-onner, tissue/napkin/paper towel, jungle gym, trampoline, ladder, merry-go-round, cook, discipliner, bedtime tucker-inner, goodnight kisser, maid, chauffeur, cheerleader, mediator, hairdresser, organizer, prayer partner, accountability partner, teacher, book reader, ATM,  safety marshal, fashion coordinator, shoulder to cry on, safety net, confidante, unconditional friend

 Best job in the world.








Monday, December 12, 2011

Curse you, Marching Band....

Gateway to the Rockies Parade 

Curse you, Marching Band! 
You've ruined me for running.

Forcing me to walk heel first, raising my toes. Rolling my feet.  You have forever ruined my running form, which is best achieved with a toe first gait.

Bless you, Marching Band!
You've prepped me for yoga.

Forcing me to stand up straight and take deep, full breaths.  Stretching my spine.  You have forever created balanced, focused and rhythmic nature.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Annie's First Birthday

Me and Annie opening a present
2011-12-03 Annie First Birthday
Mmmmmm ..... Cake!!!

Is it naptime yet????

Annie turned 1 on Saturday. We had a small family gathering and watched her try to open presents and eat her cake. She was enjoying being the center of attention.

Both girls went without a nap; consequently, Audrey fell asleep just before dinner. That girls slays me ... she'll go all day long trying not to fall asleep, only to fall asleep in the most awkward and uncomfortable position.

I'm linking up here for Mommy and Me Monday ... even though it's Tuesday. Go say hello to Krystyn and the other mommies.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Inattentional Deafness

Just read this today:

We’ve all had the experience of being so engrossed in something (a book, an e-mail, an episode of “Dexter”) that we simply don’t hear our partner trying to remind us that the trash needs to go out. But when our children do the same, who else secretly believes they’re doing it on purpose?
They’re not (and neither are you). Researchers in the Department of Developmental Psychology at Oxford set study participants to focusing on a task while wearing headphones playing white noise. Part way through the task, the researchers interrupted the white noise with an audible tone. When performing a more-difficult task (distinguishing which of two arms of a cross was longer), nearly 80 percent of the study participants said they never heard a thing.
This “inattentional deafness disorder” actually had nothing to do with the pleasure involved in the distracting activity. It was the “high visual lode condition” of taking a lot in through a different channel that rendered the research subjects temporarily deaf. It’s not Harry Potter that’s the problem; it’s the intense visual and mental interaction necessary to read the words on the page.

 I think we've all experienced it.  Every time we try to ask our husbands their opinion on something while engrossed in a football/baseball/soccer/nascar/golf game on TV. I especially encounter it when the teenager daughter is watching her shows.  She literally has no idea anything else in the world is going on.

I've always believed that it wasn't intentional ignoring, now I'm happy to know that it's truly not.  I always make a point to wait for a commercial or page turn or some sort of break in activity.  Then ask for undivided attention; pause the game/movie/etc, put the book down and look at me.  Then repeat what I've said.  This ensures that it was indeed heard and there are no excuses to not do it.

With the toddler I often have to pause it myself to get her attention, but the process is the same.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Annie Noelle

Annie Noelle Roosa ..... My second baby. You are more special to me than you know. Your tenacity and stubbornness are much like mine. You refuse to do things the way the world says you should. 

 You have kept me guessing about you since the day you were born.

 I love watching you explore and learn. You try so hard to keep up with your older sister, but when you realize you can't, you are content watching her and learning from her. 

 I know God has special plans for you and I'm excited for all the things we will do together in the next year. Happy Birthday Baby girl.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recycled Parental Statements

We all have horror stories of saying things our parents said that we swore we would never say.  Cliche lines such as, 

  • "Clean your plate or no dessert." 
  • "Because I said so, that's why"
  • "Don't make me get the belt"
I had that moment last night.Audrey was asking me if she could go play at a friend's house.  Experience has taught me that she can't go to friends' houses during the week because she comes home grumpy, won't eat dinner, won't go to bed, etc.  So I've nixed it altogether.  At 2 1/2, she doesn't understand.  So last night when she asked me I said no.  She asked why and I said because it's a school night, Summer had homework, it's almost dinner time ... a whole host of reasons that were true and she should have comprehended.  But none of them satisfied her.  So finally, at my wits end, with nothing left to say and wanting to be done with the conversation, I spouted out without even thinking, "Because I'm mean and cruel and heartless.  But I love you very much."  She said, "Don't say your heartless mommy."  But she was satisfied with my answer finally and she didn't ask again.

My mom used that phrase all the time.  I don't know if she came up with it or if it's something she picked up from her parents.  But it was a staple in my house when we weren't satisfied with a reasoning.  We'd roll our eyes, accept that mom wasn't going to change her mind, and usually continue on in disappointment.  

Last night it just rolled off my tongue.  I didn't have to think of a witty reply or something that would satisfy her. I didn't wonder what my mom would say.  It just came out.  And when I was done I thought to myself, "Oh dear ... my mother used to say that."

What parental lines have you recycled on your kids that surprised you?