Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Annie's First Birthday

Me and Annie opening a present
2011-12-03 Annie First Birthday
Mmmmmm ..... Cake!!!

Is it naptime yet????

Annie turned 1 on Saturday. We had a small family gathering and watched her try to open presents and eat her cake. She was enjoying being the center of attention.

Both girls went without a nap; consequently, Audrey fell asleep just before dinner. That girls slays me ... she'll go all day long trying not to fall asleep, only to fall asleep in the most awkward and uncomfortable position.

I'm linking up here for Mommy and Me Monday ... even though it's Tuesday. Go say hello to Krystyn and the other mommies.
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Krystyn said...

That 1 cake is adorable!

I love seeing pictures of the kids sleeping after fighting like that...only because my kids have never, EVER done that...so I'm jealous.

Arif said...

So cute baby with a sweet birthday cake I love it..


waqar qureshi said...

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