Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recycled Parental Statements

We all have horror stories of saying things our parents said that we swore we would never say.  Cliche lines such as, 

  • "Clean your plate or no dessert." 
  • "Because I said so, that's why"
  • "Don't make me get the belt"
I had that moment last night.Audrey was asking me if she could go play at a friend's house.  Experience has taught me that she can't go to friends' houses during the week because she comes home grumpy, won't eat dinner, won't go to bed, etc.  So I've nixed it altogether.  At 2 1/2, she doesn't understand.  So last night when she asked me I said no.  She asked why and I said because it's a school night, Summer had homework, it's almost dinner time ... a whole host of reasons that were true and she should have comprehended.  But none of them satisfied her.  So finally, at my wits end, with nothing left to say and wanting to be done with the conversation, I spouted out without even thinking, "Because I'm mean and cruel and heartless.  But I love you very much."  She said, "Don't say your heartless mommy."  But she was satisfied with my answer finally and she didn't ask again.

My mom used that phrase all the time.  I don't know if she came up with it or if it's something she picked up from her parents.  But it was a staple in my house when we weren't satisfied with a reasoning.  We'd roll our eyes, accept that mom wasn't going to change her mind, and usually continue on in disappointment.  

Last night it just rolled off my tongue.  I didn't have to think of a witty reply or something that would satisfy her. I didn't wonder what my mom would say.  It just came out.  And when I was done I thought to myself, "Oh dear ... my mother used to say that."

What parental lines have you recycled on your kids that surprised you?

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majellamom said...

I don't do this one without thinking about it first - but whenever I would whine about something hurting, my mother would say "it will get better before you get married" and my dad would say "do you want me to stomp on your toe so you stop thinking about your (fill in the blank)?" I use both with my kids...they annoyed me as a kid, but there is some truth in both. (Having a drama queen for my youngest also leads me to exasperation over percieved injuries more often than I want to think about!)