Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happiest Little Girl in Church

Saturday night, a good friend of ours released a full length worship album.  To celebrate, she held a concert at church.  Audrey LOVES her music and knows a lot of the songs.  Her favorite song is a techno song inspired by Lady Gaga (if you can imagine a worship song inspired by her....).

For the last song, Devoted, Audrey ran up to the front of the church to dance and see better.  She was invited up on stage and got to sing and dance with her.  She was so happy and excited.  I was so happy for her that I cried.



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Audrey Funny

Over labor day weekend we went to my mother in-law's. Their little town has a large Paul Bunyan Days festival over Labor Day weekend. One of the events is a tricycle race followed by a kiddie parade. The kids dress in costume appropriate for the theme and make little floats out of bicycles and wagons.

While we were waiting for the parade to start, Audrey looked at me all concerned and said, "But mom? Where's the kitties?"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gone .....

This past weekend, Josh, the girls and I went out of town to visit his mom for Paul Bunyon Days.  Andrew and Kymberly were spending the weekend with their mom.  It was Andrew's last weekend at his mom's house before leaving for boot camp.  Not 30 seconds after we had finished our conversation with Josh's mom about when boot camp graduation would be, we got a phone call from Andrew.  He and his buddy were being called up early.  They were to report at the recruiter's office on Monday at 11 am.

We high-tailed it out of there, wanting to be home with Andrew for his last weekend.  We thought we had another week, but the Marine Corps had other ideas.

Sunday morning we went to church as a family.  Andrew's mom joined him for the morning as well.  It was a nice time of worship.  And Pastor M. called us up to the front to pray for Andrew as he goes on his journey.

Sunday afternoon Andrew came over and hung out with us in a quiet house.  He played legos with his sisters.  He got last words of wisdom from his dad.  Then we all went together to his mom's house for a nice family dinner.  In 4 years, it's the first time both families got together for a meal.  Sure, we've had constituents together and been at large celebrations together, but this is the only time we've had a meal, just the 10 of us.  It was a nice dinner.  There were no tears.  Just chatting and fun and goofiness.  The girls enjoyed being chased around the kitchen and proved that kids can only have fun if they are screaming.

Then Monday the dreaded event happened.  We drove Andrew to the recruiter's office.  We gave hugs.  We cried.  We encouraged.  We loved.  We cried.  I took lots of pictures.  

Which brings me to today.   I'm not typically an emotional person.  It takes quite a bit to make me cry.  I did cry when we left him in the hands of the recruiters.  But it passed pretty quickly.  I've been the strong one in all this.  Ready to see Andrew continue on his way and mature and grow and gain direction in his life.  Knowing that this is what's best for him.  As his step-mom, I'm not as connected as Josh and Andrew's mom.  I've felt more pain in the last 24 hours than I realized I would.  I think about what Andrew is going through and my heart hurts.  My stomach gets knots.  And then sitting down for a few hours to edit 200+ photos of us saying good-bye to him.  And it hurts even more.  If I'm this sad and heart broken over him being gone, I can only imagine how his mom and dad and sister feel.

About 20 minutes ago we finally got the phone call we've been waiting 24 hours for.  That "Recruit Roosa has arrived safely in MCRD" and we'll hear from him via USPS in a couple weeks.  A COUPLE WEEKS!?!?!?!  I have to wait that long to hear from him?  That long until I can get his address to send him a letter?  I've already written one letter.  I'm sure I have another couple ready to write too.  His first mail from us will likely be several letters in one large envelope.

I'm excited for who he will become.  I'm excited to see his transformation.  I'm pleased that he has direction and a future.  The Marines will be good for him, and he'll be good for the Marines.

2 days down, only 12 weeks and 5 days to go.