Friday, October 3, 2008

Pregnant Happenings

I get it.

I understand why women feel fat when they are pregnant.  I always said, "You don't need to feel fat.  You're pregnant.  You have a growing baby inside of you."  But here I am, only 7 weeks pregnant, and I feel fat.  I know it's mostly water retention right now, but I still feel it.  By the end of the day my belly is sticking out and I look fat and chunky.  

I'm trying not to feel fat.  I'm trying to eat the right foods.  I'm trying to still get my exercise.

Of course, this would all be easier if I weren't feeling nauseous, didn't have a headache, weren't  hungry, and my skin didn't ache.  It's such a weird sensation to be hungry and nauseous at the same time.  Knowing I need and want to eat, but nothing is appetizing at all.  I have to force myself to eat something ... anything that I can keep down.  And I eat it slowly.  VERY slowly.  I've not thrown up yet, which is good.  But the nausea still isn't fun.

I'm not sure if I'm getting sick, or if this is just how I feel when I'm pregnant.  Being my first pregnancy, I can't answer that.  But I'm doing what I can to make myself feel better ... especially since I have an important event in EIGHT days.

I find that I'm better when I am doing stuff.  My head hurts more and my stomach is in bigger knots when I'm sitting still doing nothing.  So I'm trying to get away from my desk and work in the lab; get off the couch and clean the house or go walking.  But I have to convince myself that I have the energy to do such things in order for it to happen.

Lastly ... I hurt my back the other day.  I was laying on the couch in the tiniest of tiny balls cuddling with Josh.  When I got up my shoulder blade area hurt so bad I could hardly move.  It's not gotten much better.  Sleeping is hard.  It gets better throughout the day ... but it hurts so much in the morning.

OK.  Enough griping for today.

New/Noteworthy: feeling nauseous

Interesting Activity: while printing programs for the wedding, I ran out of ink.  Took me THREE seperate outings to Office Max to actually purchase new ink.

Biggest Accomplishment: Got my desk cleaned off and the lab cleaned out in preparation for my vacation in a week.

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Catherine said...

Is it possible for you to go to a chiropractor? I pinched something in my shoulder/neck earlier this week and I think going to the chiro made it better faster.