Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to the grind

Today marks 13 weeks since Audrey was born. In one week I go back to
work. There have been a few changes in the last 3 months. To prepare
my mind for these changes I met with my boss on Wednesday to discuss
my return.

We talked about the physical changes - the construction on my end of
the building.

We discussed leadership changes - his new boss.

We discussed changes in our department's goals and responsibilities.

and we discussed my schedule. I requested to work from home 2 days a
week to save money on daycare and to give me more time with my
daughter. It was granted on the condition that there is enough work
and productivity isn't affected. I am VERY thankful and pleased that
I am given this chance.

Regarding daycare: our neighbor is going to watch Audrey on the days
I'm in the office. We are excited for this prospect. We know/trust
her. We know the neighborhood. Our commute is unaffected. And
Audrey won't be around a bunch of strange kids all day. She'll be
with the neighborhood kids ... Which is the next best thing to one of
us being home full time.

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Di said...

Awesome!!!! That is such a wonderful plan! I'm glad the boss agreed.