Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rachel Held Evans | Jesus, God in Sandals

Rachel Held Evans | Jesus, God in Sandals

I started following this blog about a month ago when a friend posted a link to her. I read the link, and subscribed so that I could get the follow-up post. Now I don't even remember what it is I read that I liked so much or if I've read the follow-up.

But every week I read something that makes me think. Hmmm ........

This week it was this:

It occurred to me that if my faith managed to survive all of these doubts then this radical rabbi, this God in sandals, would require more from me than ever before. This radical Jesus wanted to live not only in my heart and in my head but also in my hands, as I fed the hungry, reached out to my enemies, healed the sick, and comforted the lonely. Being a Christian, it seemed, isn’t about agreeing to a certain way; it is about embodying a certain way. It is about living as an incarnation of Jesus, as Jesus lived as an incarnation of God. It is about being Jesus…in tennis shoes.
I am feeling challenged to go be Jesus in my tennis shoes ... well, skater shoes anyway.

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