Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why I'm Thankful for Daycare

I've spent a great deal of time over the last 2 years complaining that I can't be a stay-at-home-mom and that I'm missing so much time with my girls.  I dislike my job and really enjoy being at home.  But many things have come to be that give me cause to be thankful for daycare.  And since James cause us to count everything joy and Paul tells us to give thanks in all things, I thought that I would post some things daycare has done for us that I'm not sure would've happened otherwise.

1. Annie is doing really well with eating purees.  I forget to give them to her and was lazy in the beginning with them.  Daycare is pretty regimented about that sort of thing, so she's figured them out and is doing well.  Although I'm thinking we'll skip purees at home and just move on to stick foods and other finger foods. (do a Google search on "Baby-led Weaning" to understand where I'm coming from.....)

2. Audrey is learning how to play with others and share.  She is still a little selfish at home and insists that all the toys are hers, but she is better understanding the concept.

3. Audrey gets a lot of play time and attention with the other kids that I'm not sure she'd get at home.  At least not as much.

4. When Audrey insists on walking (as opposed to being in the shopping cart or stroller), she holds on to the frame when we walk.  This is a daycare thing; they walk to the park as a group and all hold on the stroller (or hands) so no one runs off or gets lost.

5. relief from the heat.  While daycare lady doesn't have a/c either, she lives near the bay as opposed to inland and it's significantly cooler than at home.  So Audrey and Annie have relief from the intense heat we've been experiencing.  (And I have a/c at work, which is a welcome relief as well)

6. Audrey gets naptime every day and is doing good with it at home as well.

7. Audrey gave up her binky by age 2.  Being around a bunch of older kids who don't use them helped her realize she didn't need one either and helped me just not give it to her knowing she'd do OK without.

8. Audrey eats better when around other kids.  At home we struggle to get her to eat a meal.  She just wants to snack and snack and not sit down and eat a full meal, despite being hungry.  When she's around all the other kids, she eats it all.  So I know that she's getting the nutrition that she needs and is getting a full belly.

9. Related to eating full meals, I know she's eating healthy.  Since daycare food is monitored by the state, she is required to serve rounded diets.  And I've seen first hand the fruit and veggies they eat.  Consequently, now Audrey likes oranges and apples.  Two things that I struggle with eating and keeping in the house.

10. Friends.  Audrey is making friends.  And we all need good friends.  Annie also has a friend her age; daycare lady's granddaughter is one month younger than Annie and comes to visit every couple weeks. 

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