Sunday, August 12, 2012

Date Weekend

Josh and I cashed in all our past and future favors with a very dear friend to watch the girls for a weekend. We dropped them off on Friday after work and met them at church on Sunday morning. So we had about 36 hours to do whatever we wanted on OUR schedule. Grocery shop alone. Eat a quiet and leisurely dinner. Sleep without fear of being woken in 2 hours. Sleep IN. Just imagine the possibilities.

Saturday morning we slept in and then went to brunch. We enjoyed mimosas and high fatty food.

Then we hopped on BART and went into the city to just explore. We got off BART and just went down a street that looked interesting. We went to Union Square to see all the best shopping. Wandered around Williams-Sonoma, went into a friend's favorite store Lululemon. I'd never been there and hear such great things about them that I had to check them out.

We saw China Town so we wandered in that direction. Then ended up in Little Italy where we had a Cannolo (yes - cannolo - cannoli is plural and cannolo is singular). Then saw the signs to get to Coit Tower, so we went up that way. Then back down to Little Italy we saw Lombard street (the world's crooked-est street). We walked up Lombard street and then found ourselves in Russian Hill. Found a cute little "mini-park" that literally was a slab of cement, some flowers and a couple benches on an old house lot. We wandered around some more, found the Cable Car Museum and looked in there.

Then meandered and ended up at Fisherman's Wharf. We took a tour of the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien, a Liberty Ship from WWII. Then headed over to Pier 39 for some dinner. We both saw some things we'd never seen before and ended up walking about 10 miles - up and down the big hills. It was a lot of fun, and something we'd love to do again, but in a different part of the city.

I just took my small point-and-shoot camera. There were times I wish I had my SLR so I could get a better view or adjust my exposure or really be artistic with my composition, but for the most part I'm glad all I had was my P&S. Made it a lot easier to carry it around.

Here are a few photos of our day (if you click on any of the photos, they should take you to my flickr page where you can view all of them).

Mimosas with breakfast
The only chinese looking building we saw in Chinatown.  I think it was a medical clinic.
Church in Little Italy.
View of the Bay Bridge from Coit Tower
Top of Lombard Street looking down
Sneaking a kiss while I'm trying to snap a photo in Russian Hill's Mini Park
A time I wished I had my SLR.  The texture of these buildings was neat.  And the colors and brickwork and chipped paint.  They were really cool looking and this photo doesn't do them justice.
The pullies in the cable car museum.
Another time my SLR would've been nice.  Again ... lots of texture and neat colors in the museum.
The stairs into the USS Jeremiah O'Brien
Through a porthole looking out
One piston of the engine.  Video footage of this ship's pistons was used in James Cameron's The Titanic.
Just for fun
The Anchor
Are you sick yet?
Thought this was pretty cool

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