Friday, May 17, 2013

EFF -- OH -- YOU -- ARE .....

_DSC4301.jpgOh my goodness.  FOUR years old.  

Four years ago today you came into this world.  You had to make a dramatic entrance cause nothing is simple/easy for you.  You have turned my world upside down and I am so happy for that.

You are so smart.  Every day you tell me something new that you know and I have no idea where you are learning these things.  You obviously pay attention to the world around you and pick up on everything that happens.

You are caring and loving.  You love your sisters and brother.  You really look after your little sister and make sure that she's OK.  and you totally look up to your big sister and want to do whatever she does.  And you miss your big brother.  You tell me almost every day how much you miss him.  You were over the moon when you got to talk to him the other day.

_DSC4296.jpgWe went up to Mount Diablo the other day and you surprised both your dad and me with your hiking/climbing skills.  You were diligent in avoiding poison oak ("Green is Mean") and you were quick to hike up the hills and find the next way to go.  You knew when to sit and slide down a rock instead of walk.  and you were great at finding foot holes to get up the rock.

You love church and God and Jesus.

You love to dance and sing and play the drums and the piano.

Your favorite shows are My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake.  

Just like a typical little girl you are totally into Barbies and Princesses - and I think that's fantastic.  Cause you also know that you can be anything you want when you grow up and you can be a strong woman and a girly-girl at the same time.

You are totally on the verge of reading.  You're able to sound out all the letters and are putting them together in word form.  You even know some words already.

You color "like a boss."  Your art skills are shocking me daily.  I love seeing what you do at daycare every day and bring home.

I love you Audrey Grace and I'm so happy and proud to be your mama.  God gave me a great little girl for a daughter and I hope I honor Him by raising you right.

Happy Birthday Audrey Grace!!!!

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Debbie Haughland Chan said...

She looks so much like you! It's hard to believe how "grown up" she's become!