Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Update

It's been a bit since I've posted a personal update on the family and what's going on with us.

The girls are getting old enough to do a lot more out of the house activities.  Parks, hiking, bike rides, etc.

We've made a couple trips to a local street fair called First Wednesday (takes place on the First Wednesday of the month in the summer). Here the girls enjoy playing the games, dancing to the church band, and just hanging out and enjoying the people watching.

_DSC5346.jpg _DSC5344.jpg _DSC5269.jpg _DSC5295.jpg

We've spent time outside riding our bikes, really enjoying that we live on a quiet cul-de-sac.

_DSC5119.jpg _DSC5121.jpg _DSC5135.jpg _DSC5138.jpg _DSC5121.jpg

We watched Josh's band, Northern Static, play at a local wine bar patio (outside = family friendly).

_DSC5087.jpg _DSC5094.jpg

We all played together at our church's Open Mic Night (but no photos since we were all performing....).

It's been an exciting few months in our house and will continue to be exciting and fun and busy throughout the summer.

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