Monday, August 5, 2013

VBS Sunday

A couple weeks ago our church participated in the tradition of Vacation Bible School (VBS).  This was Audrey's first year to attend.  She was super excited to be a part of this.  I think she felt like a big kid and kind of felt like she was going to school.

Kymberly was an awesome big sister and took her to and from VBS every day and took care of her in the afternoons.  She was a HUGE help to us and made it possible for Audrey to attend without Josh or me having to miss any work.  Because I work from home on Fridays I was able to go see the closing rally and hear them sing all their songs and watch their photo slideshow.  It was great to see ... I got to see Kymberly in her element of being a youth leader and see Audrey interact with the preschool kids and play and have fun singing songs and dancing.

Sunday morning all the kids who attended VBS showed the congregation what they learned.  Audrey was a bit shy to be up on stage; she watched her friend Hannah the whole time to know what to do.  Annie was allowed to go up on stage and sing with the big kids.  Annie knows all the songs and dances too.  

I hear from the youth (middle school and high school students) how much VBS meant to them as little kids; it makes me really happy that Audrey gets to attend and be a part of such an outstanding program that is held in such high regard.  

Here are some photos from VBS Sunday.

Audrey waving while she and the kids wait for church to start.  (It's the 9 am service; I think they'd rather be sleeping)
Tina telling the congregation about VBS
"Gonna say yeah yeah yeah yeah yes to vuh uvh vuh vuh VBS"
"Yes to the best thing, JESUS IS LORD!"
Everybody get down let me hear you say
(whispered) Y E S to VBS
Dios Nos Ama
God Loves You!

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