Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Audrey Turns Five

Audrey Grace turned 5 on Saturday.

In our house, turning 5 gets you the ability to chew gum and get your ears pierced, in addition to whatever other presents family and friends gift upon you.

We had a late night the night before. She slept very well.

sleeping - last night as a 4 y/o

When she awoke on her birthday she was all too excited to start her birthday activities.

I'M 5 MOMMY!!!

We started the day officially with breakfast.  She's been BEGGING to go to Coco's for months.  We promised her breakfast at Coco's for her birthday.  So there we went.

Making a tower out of the creamers

After breakfast, Auntie Becky came up and gave Audrey her gift.  She wins the big prize for the soundtrack to the movie Frozen and a new pair of flip-flops - without the back strap.

New "grown-up" flip-flops without a back strap

"Frozen" Soundtrack
She got to talk on the phone with family who doesn't live local -- Gramma Janet, Auntie Berta, Gramma Linda, Brother Andrew.....

Talking on the phone to family

Then we went to the mall and got her ears pierced.  It was a traumatic experience.  It took us about 10 years to calm her down from the first year.  Josh agreed to get a new earring of her choice if she got her second hole done.  She wasn't happy with it, and screamed up until the gun reached her ear.  As it did, she quit screaming, took a deep breath, said, "be brave! be brave!" and was perfectly fine.  She said the 2nd ear didn't hurt at all.

"Be brave, be brave be brave." - If only she had said her mantra on the first ear.

Holding Daddy's hands to help him be brave

Be brave Daddy

Pretty new flower earring

It was Kymi's Prom on Saturday too, so we spent the afternoon getting ready to take fun formal-ish photos for Kymi and her boyfriend Tom.  In the process of getting set up, we got to take other photos too.

Then the girls and friend Tina helped decorate the birthday cake.

Mmm ... chocolate cake with strawberries

In addition to the already mentioned presents, Audrey also helped pick out her very first bible.  She's very excited to learn about Jesus and where He lived.

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Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

So, I'm like 5 months late, but happy birthday sweet girl!

I love that daddy joined in with the piercing! And, that she got her Bible, too!