Friday, December 19, 2008

Birthday Happenings

New/Noteworthy: Today is my birthday!!!  My last year in my 20s!  (And a shout-out to G. Faith who's birthday is also today.  Also have a bday today is Melanie Beckstrom, someone we knew from church when I was growing up; and Stephanie, my best friend in Kindergarten.)

Interesting Activity: Last night was Kymberly's first band concert.  Like good, supportive parents we videotaped the whole thing.  It was quite fun, actually.  The school has a pretty decent music program.  The jazz band performed, as did the concert and beginning bands.  And a special treat was the drumline.  That was pretty cool.  I wish I got a picture of it (video only for that one).  They did a Christmas medly song arranged by the captain!  Kymberly looked so grown-up in her outfit.  She had fun and did a great job.

What I learned: IRS Audits SUCK!!!!!

Where I went: to the baby dr.  Heard a heartbeat of 148 bpm and talked about my desires for a natural childbirth.  Also got the blood test results.

Biggest Accomplishment: Mailed the rest of the Christmas cards.  Also wrote a professionally written letter to the IRS and am praying for a good response from them.

Weekend Plans: Performing in Christmas in the Park tomorrow night in San Jose.  Church on Sunday.  Football watching on Sunday.  Pumpkin Cheesecake eating for my birthday!!!

Fun Photos:  Kymberly's band concert.  


BeckeyZ said...

I miss the holiday band concerts. I was thinking about heading to Austin to see the Merry Tuba Christmas this year. I may still do it, I think it's tomorrow at noon.

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Di said...

Happy late birthday!!!!!!

Oh, I haven't seen a school band concert in FOREVER!! The drumlines are awesome!

Good luck with the IRS.