Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kymberly turned 13

On Tuesday, Kymberly turned 13.

We celebrated with Smoothies from the smoothie place she's been wanting to try.
Then we had pizza for lunch (free pizza for a grand opening!)
And had hot dogs for dinner.

We got her a shag rug for her bedroom and hot pink sheets. We are trying to create a hot pink and black bedroom for her per her request. One piece at a time we will do it. We also got her an itunes gift card to go with her new ipod.

I made her favorite cake ... white cake with strawberries. The frosting and filling have varied every year. This year it was filled with strawberry buttercream (my invention) and iced with vanilla buttercream. It was scrumptious!!! And went really well with strawberry cheesecake ice cream.




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Michelle L said...

Shag carpet, strawberry buttercream cake, and strawberry ice cream...I need to invite you to my next birthday party because that sounds awesome!

(- Marty)