Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Diaper Discussion

So Audrey is 6 weeks old today!! (YAY for being 6-weeks postpartum and can now start exercising and other such things.)

In the last 6 weeks we've gone through about 6 or 7 packages of diapers. We bought them periodically when I was pregnant to stock up. We've tried the following brands. Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and Mom to Mom (Safeway's brand).

Huggies: Decent price, good size, fit her well, flexible so she can still move her legs, haven't yet leaked, LOTS and LOTS of coupons. I'm having to guess when she is wet.

Pampers: Same cost as Huggies, fit her well, feels more like fabric and less like plastic - which I would think would make them more comfortable, have this interesting weave thing to hold the solid waste in, very flexible to allow leg movement, no leakage, not as many coupons as Huggies. I'm having to guess when she is wet.

Luvs: Didn't like them the first time. They are very plastic-y and feel like she's wearing a trash bag. And they leaked right away. But they were too big for her. So we waited a few more weeks. Tried them again and now they fit and don't leak anymore. But they still feel like a trash bag. VERY easy to tell when she is wet and it feels like she's wearing a sponge. Don't remember the price.

Mom to Mom: The slogan for this brand is, "Made for moms by moms." I'm not thrilled with them though. They are more than the national brands. They are very stiff and don't allow a whole lot of movement for her legs (which will be more important when she's mobile). I can't peek in to see if she's wet or dirty because they are so stiff. I think, however, they are more natural with no bleaches or such, which is better for baby and diaper rash.

Verdict: I think we like Huggies and Pampers best, but because we have so many coupons for Huggies, we will be getting them for awhile.

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Brandy said...

Something about the smell of Huggies turned me off even after we got her in the right size to prevent blowouts. And the feel. But the smell more so.

Pampers has SUCKED lately on their coupons but I saw a thing for babies r us $10 off 2 boxes, trying to decide if it's worth it.

BUT I also have 300 size 4's that we haven't even opened yet, so I'm good ;)