Thursday, July 2, 2009

Six Week Check-up

Today was Audrey's 6 week check-up.

The doctor was impressed with her ability to roll over. She almost did it for him, too. He said he could see that she was able to, and sees how strong she it. :D We have a cool baby. (If you haven't heard, Audrey's been rolling over from her belly to her back about once/day since she was 4 weeks old!)

She is 9 lb 10 oz and 21 3/4 in long. Her head cirucmference is 36 cm. She's still in the 25th &ile for head circumference; 70th %ile for length; and 50th %ile for weight. So she's gained more weight than she's grown. We have a long baby.

All three kids together!

This was the outfit we bought to bring her home from the hospital. Just barely fits now. Look at that beautiful smile!!!

I just LOVE her smile!

Her vans on a skateboard. And I lost the shoes. :( I took her on a walk and she kicked them off. I retraced my steps to try to find them and couldn't. :( :( :(

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BeckeyZ said...

OH NO!!!! I was always losing baby shoes. Bummer tho, those were super cool.