Friday, January 22, 2010

Play time

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Audrey has this activity table of blocks. It has this great space for holding all the blocks, and there is a reversible top that can be put on to either play or build.

I love sitting and watching her play. She digs for a block. Gets it out. Inspects it for awhile. Then digs for another block. Sometimes she bangs the blocks together, sometimes she looks at them. then one or both get dropped to the floor and she starts digging again.

I can just picture the hamsters in her head running hard spinning the gears of her brain.

"Do these go together?"
"I saw the big kids stick them together. How did they do that?"
"Maybe this one is the magic piece."
"what happens if I do this?"
"Oooh ... pretty!!!"
"Why does this one rattle but the other one doesn't?"
"This one is shaped differently ... maybe it's special."

It's amazing how content she is just looking at the blocks and trying to figure out how they work. How excited and happy and thrilled she'll be when she finally does figure out how to put them together and build a tower.

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Angela said...

that's cool! I think about that a lot, too...what is going on in her brain...what she is learning and imagining. It's exciting!