Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Thoughts- 11/23/10

If you've heard me say this before, I'm sorry for repeating myself. But maybe someone else can provide some insight and answer this question for me.

It is very common to recommend that women walk around, A LOT, to get labor started, to help the baby move down, to help the contractions be more productive, etc. Walking is about all women who are 39+ weeks pregnant do. So why is it when a woman, who is to term, arrives at the hospital in labor, the first thing they do is put her in a wheelchair?

I refused my wheelchair when I was in labor with Audrey and the triage nurse couldn't fathom why.

Well ... all I had been doing the last 3 hours was walk and the first thing the L&D nurse is going to do is have me walk the halls. Why should I take NOW to sit?


Jenny said...

When are you due? I hope your pregnancy goes well and your baby is healthy and beautiful.

Christine said...

I have a scheduled c-section December 3. Pregnancy has been boring and routine.

Eliseo said...
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Debbie Haughland Chan said...

Could it be that it gives the hospital staff more control over you to wheel you about than to walk together

Brownie said...

Funny comment. Never thought of that!