Monday, February 7, 2011

Two different girls...

I could tell that my girls would be different when I was pregnant with Annie.

Audrey always reacted to music, Annie rarely did. Conversely Annie reacted to food all the time and Audrey rareoy did.

Now that Annie is 2 months old, I'm seeing other differences. Audrey would sleep anywhere and anytime. She could sleep sitting up or lying down. Belly, back or side.

Annie will only sleep on her back and usually only in her crib.

Audrey would crash and we could move and transfer her easily to a bed. If we get lucky enough to rock Annie to sleep, its hard to transfer her.

Audrey could sleep through any amount of noise.
Annie has a hard time with noises, especially sudden ones.

They both were spit uppy babies, but Annie's seems more predictable and under control.

Audrey almost always had to be rocked to sleep, Annie seems to do better at going to sleep on her own.

It's fascinating to me how different they are even at this young age.  I am excited to see who they will become as they both grow older.
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