Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On having two kids...

I've heard some women say that they didn't want to have babies too close together because it would be unfair to the older kid that mom has to devote so much time to the newborn so early. Or that they don't want to miss out on the growth and experiences that the older one is having at a certain development stage.
And I understand that. Fully and completely. I really enjoyed watching Audrey learn and grow and could devote all of my time and energy to her.
But now that I have two, and very close in age, I will say that I'm ecstatic. I LOVE watching Audrey grow and develop and learn new skills. But she can do that with a little sister too. And I would venture to say that its more fun watching her interact with her baby sister than play alone.
She has such a loving personality and it is so obvious with a baby around. She's so sensitive to people around her and is very aware of emotions and feelings.
She's a huge helper and wants very much to help her baby sister with things.  She is very curious about what makes Annie tick. And has started playing with her dolls the same way I "play with" Annie. She potty trains her cabbage patch doll. She puts diapers on her monkey.  And a binky in her Elmo. She rocks them to sleep. She gives them water. No, she hasn't tried nursing any of them yet, but she has pretended to make "baby milkies."

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