Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crafting: Crayons

Audrey seems to be at the age where she can do simple crafts by herself.  She does them regularly at daycare, and I think it's time to start implementing them at home too, especially on days that I'm home with her.

Our first craft was more of a Mommy craft, but she was excited at the idea of it.  

Repurposing broken down crayons as new crayons.  

Start with broken crayons:DSC_5130

Place into a muffin tin or something that's oven-proof.  I chose a silicon ice cube tray shaped like stars.

Melt crayons in oven at 250*.  They don't take long to melt, so keep an eye on them.


Remove from oven and let cool until solid.

Pop out of container and color.  Unfortunately, mine broke when I popped them out.  The star shape is just too fragile, even for thicker crayons.  But they are still cool and fun to use.

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Katie said...

Fun! I need to do ths we have so many broken crayons!