Monday, October 31, 2011

A new role for me

My best friend in the whole world told me to call her on Thursday to ask me a question.  It was odd, because we don't have the relationship where we talk on the phone.  We can hang out and talk for hours, we can txt and email and tweet, we exchange gifts and holiday cards, but we just don't talk on the phone.  So I was quite intrigued when I got her txt.  

I called her as soon as my break arrived.  She wanted to know what my plans were on some random Friday next summer.  Well ... I hadn't made any yet; nobody plans THAT far ahead.  Then she asked me the most crucial question ..... "Will you be my matron of honor?"

AAAHHH!!!!  Of course!!!  She was my maid of honor for my first wedding and she did a fantastic job.

I hope I can be the matron of honor for her that she was to me!!!

It's going to be a small wedding.
Western themed.  But knowing her, it will be a classy and very well done.  No cheeseballness for her.

So I have a mission to find a nice classy western outfit inspired by one she emailed me.

I've never been a maid or matron of honor.  Especially by long distance (she's in Montana, I'm in Cali).  What tips do you have?  What have you done that's worked or not worked?


majellamom said...

Well, my maid of honor was a long distance one (she was in Texas), and to be honest, I was just so thrilled that she was willing to travel up and be there for me on my wedding day! So, don't feel too bad if it feels like you can't do much of the traditional MOH stuff, she will probably just be thrilled that you will be there for her!

Christine said...

Thanks. And I'm sure she is.

And I'm thrilled that she's asked me. I'm excited to be a part of her special day.

Kngdmwoman said...

I was able to be MOH for a wonderful friend. Every month I tired to do something special for her.

Because your so far away and have to spend money on a ticket and attire. I would send her a card every month. Saying something special about her. Something encouraging about marriage. Maybe when you can slip in a gift card to Starbucks. So she can get a drink and wind down from wedding planning.

Krystyn said...


I have no tips! I was just in the wedding for distance, and I tried to do as few jobs as possible!

So, I say delegate, delegate, delegate!