Friday, October 14, 2011

Why you might not want a baby carrier.....

The house is a mess and it's naptime for Audrey. My work is done for the day. I have nothing truly pressing to do. I should clean. But I have a fussy baby in my lap. I could take this excuse and say, "Josh, I'm sorry, but I just can't clean the house this afternoon because Annie is fussy and won't lay down."

But he won't accept that as an excuse. And it's not because he's mean. He doesn't act like a slave driver. He's not unsympathetic to the needs of a crying baby. He just knows that Annie likes to be worn in a baby carrier like my Mobywrap. And he'd say to me, if I tried to give him this excuse, "Christine, just wear Annie while you do dishes and put things away. She'll go to sleep and you'll get stuff done. AND you'll get some exercise. win-win-win."

So folks, if you want that excuse to not have to clean your house because the baby is fussy, don't get a baby carrier. Now that I have one I have no excuses to not clean.


Krystyn said...

HA! I think I would shoot daggers from my eyes if my hubby said that!

See, now I really need you closer. I have a moby wrap and no matter how many times I used the directions, I never felt like I tied it right! I need lessons in everything!

Christine said...

It took me awhile to really feel confident with it. It helps to have a newborn who is lighter to figure it out.

I honestly don't use the moby much anymore, but opt for the Mai Tai since it's rigid and I can do a back carry with the older one.

If you follow Moby on twitter (@mobywrap) or facebook you can post questions and there are lots of users who offer advice.