Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom Purse

I was going through the contents of my purse the other day and pulled out the old stand-bys such as my phone, sunglasses, wallet, pen, keys, etc.  Then came out the church dolls, the calculator, floss, lotion, kid's book, Kindle, and other assorted items.  Josh said, after my complaining that I can't find anything because of all the stuff in there, "Well, you have a mom purse."

yeah, that's true.  My purse is a catch-all.  Sippy cups, toys, books, scraps of paper, trash, it all gets piled into my purse.  But I also carry things for the girls.  Entertainment  when we're in a waiting room or driving.  Things to make them feel better when sad.  It's the bag of tricks.  It's my job to have at my disposal anything the girls might need at any moment and my purse is my magical bag to make it happen.  It's where the trash gets put when there is no trash can.  It is a catch-all.

I was reflecting on my "mom purse" this morning.  My girls have me and my mom purse when they need it.  And I have God and His Word.  When I'm sad, happy, hurt, angry ... God's Word has something in it to help me through my trial.  It has words of encouragement.  Words of affirmation.  And words of admonishment when I need it (which is far more often than I care to admit).  I can't imagine what God's purse looks like.  How big it must be to provide all His children when the band-aids and tissues, books and coloring sheets, toys and trinkets.  Where he stores our candy wrappers and emotional garbage. 

Some days my mom purse is inadequate.  I don't have tissues when Audrey has a runny nose.  Or I run out of band-aids when she has an owie.  But God's purse always is fully stocked with all the love, encouragement, joy, affirmation, hugs, and kisses.  He is always ready for whatever we need.  We just need to ask Him.

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