Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Joshua

_DSC9141.jpg See this man right here to the left?  The goofy guy trying to juggle?  The one with the bald head?  Mouth wide open?  Oh .. and a ton of tattoos!?!?!?  

I love him.  He's pretty awesome.  And guess what - he loves me too.  :)

He is goofy.  He's super goofy.  That's part of his charm.  And part of what makes him a good dad.  He's also caring.  He genuinely cares for people and hurts when they hurt and laughs when they laugh.  And he's a godly man.  He loves God and is training his children up to love God too.

Today is our 4th anniversary.  Not many years.  But that's OK.  Cause ya gotta get through the single digits before you hit the double digits.  Someday we'll hit 40 or 50.  I'd love to hit 60, but don't know that we'll be around that long.  

I love you Joshua.  Happy Anniversary.

Anniversary lunch. _DSC9004.jpg _DSC8673.jpg P1010689 P1010607 _DSC7622

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Congratulations, y'all!