Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend 10

Last weekend Josh with mountain bike riding with some guys from church.  Meanwhile, the girls and I went for a hike on the same trail.  I took my camera with me.  I was struggling finding the balance between mom on a hike and photographer in nature.  Consequently, my photos were not technically the best.  BUT ... they documented our fun outing together, so it's still a win!

Audrey at the plaque that sits at the trailhead

Audrey and the valley below

Josh and buddies starting their ride

"Look mom ... the number 8"

These wildflowers were so pretty.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a good photo of one.  Guess I'll have to go back and try again.

The valley below.  You can see probably 20 miles east.

Pretty field at the top of the hike, where our trail met with several others.  This is where we chose to turn around.

I loved how the purple flowers and yellow flowers looked together on the side of the trail.  But again, just couldn't get them in focus. 

The girls were ecstatic to see a lizard on the trail.  He skittered away as soon as I tried to get closer to get a better photo.

Both girls together at the plaque at the trailhead. 


INTeJer said...

on a whim i clicked "next blog" in the bar at the top... found another photographer! :)

i liked your photos. you said the flower ones weren't good but i say they are. =P

the shot of the purple ones: i wouldn't even want all of them in focus, if it were me. shallow depth-of-field is something to strive for in many cases, not to lament!

if you do try again, contemplating a way to bring more of the flowers into focus, just increase your aperture value-- not much, just one or two notches. also try to focus on the closest flower you want to see sharply; the depth-of-field begins at the point of focus, and extends away from you beyond that point.

sorry if i'm saying stuff you already know. looking forward to more of your work/art/artwork!

Christine said...

Thank you for your comment INTeJer. If you're really interested in seeing my photographs, I post my non-family photos on my exposure page and my portfolio. and

My issue with that flower photo wasn't that one was in focus and others weren't, it was that none of them were in focus. I do know how to increase and decrease my depth of field.