Friday, September 19, 2008

Contemplation of Current Happenings #3

New and Noteworthy: Kymberly's school photos came back.  She looks beautiful!!!!

Interesting Activity: Andrew's first home game of the season.  They won 21-0.  Andrew didn't get to play in regulation, but he did get to play in what they called a 5th quarter.  Two 10-minute scrimmages, each team is offense for 10-minutes.

Quaint/Cute Quote: "Does anyone know how to work the clock?" The announcer at the DHS football game

Biggest Accomplishment: spent over an hour picking weeds in the front planter boxes and back planter box.

Fun Photo: (unfortunately, not Kymberly's school photo ... scanner isn't working right now)

That's Andrew: #60, doing warm-ups

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Di said...

My boy's team won yesterday, too, 22-8. He didn't play at all. He took it well, though. It's funny, it was an away game and they couldn't figure out their clock/scorboard either.