Sunday, May 3, 2009

Band Review

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It's been awhile since I've posted anything. Just been very busy getting ready for the baby coming and supporting kids' school activities and work and ........

Speaking of supporting kids school activities, this is Kymberly marching in the Del Mar Band Review. It's a competition for the local bands to show off their drumlines, marching bands, color guard, concert bands and jazz bands.

Kymberly started playing the trombone last year in music class. She played for a whole 3 weeks and really loved it. So this year she wanted to play it full time in the band. She started in the beginner band and has really excelled. She puts all her energy and concentration and everything into playing and marching.

The band review was a format that I'm not familiar with. It was set up around the perimeter of a local high school, on the residential streets. There was a small piece of road set up for the drumline to showcase themselves. After they finished their performance, they rejoined with the band and they marched up to the next street. The band had one block to practice their parade tune. Then they turned the corner and repeated it for the judges.

The marching band for this middle school is incredible. They have discipline and showmanship and professionalism that I respect and don't see often in young children.

After the marching competition, they had a couple hours break. Then they had a concert competition. They only played two songs (no photos, sorry). After the concert competition, the jazz band had a chance to play also. Because the soloist had an injured mouth, they were unable to play to their highest caliber.

The marching band placed 1st.
The color guard placed 1st
The drumline placed 2nd
The drum major placed 2nd
The concert band placed 3rd.
The jazz band didn't place. :(

We are so proud of Kymberly and her efforts and participation in this program.

She has another band review next weekend that we will attend and support barring any babies being born.

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majellamom said...

very cute belly and band pictures...two of my favorite photograph subjects!