Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daily Contemplations

Today's contemplations, thoughts, questions, or other rambles.....
  • 4 am is ugly. I just remind myself that its 7 in Michigan. T minus 7 hours to GRR. T minus 16 days to 30.
  • Traveling with an infant: forgot the snuggli in Josh's car. But we made it through security.
  • Landed at layover city. Baby ate, napped, played, ate more.
  • why don't airport bathrooms have stalls designed for having luggage with you?
  • In the second flight. Froggie fell asleep before we boarded. Sleep baby sleep!
  • Landed on the ground safely in Michigan. Gonna wait for mom and dad whose flight from Chi-town was delayed.
  • Watching Steve Martin in the Pink Panther on my PSP while waiting for mom and dad.
  • In the car going to Gramma's. Not over the river of through the woods.
  • Audrey meets Grampa Ken.
  • SNOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Baby's asleep. Yay! Now I can get myself ready for bed. Its be en a long day.
  • Asleep at Gramma Nellie's
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