Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daily Contemplations

Today's contemplations, thoughts, questions, or other rambles.....
  • I think they're across the bay ... In Alameda.
  • One more day ... one more day. I can do it.
  • Check out Service Interrupted: Blackberry Blackout Sweeps America -
  • Audrey has a little rash. :( doesn't seem to be bothering her though.
  • Praise God for computer gurus at work.
  • Working so hard this morning I forgot to take my morning break.
  • On hold with GMAC again. Why is it so hard to process a due date change request?
  • Mmmmnnn...leftover Chevy's! Yummy!
  • My voice is slowly coming back ...... I just want to be able to sing at the Christmas Eve service tomorrow.
  • Baked some banana recipes from my new cook book. Thank you Brian and Lara!
  • Baby girl doesn't want to go to sleep tonight.
  • Playing Tetris while Aud Ball sleeps on my chest. I fear a long night ahead.
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1 comment:

~*SharonMarie~* said...

Aud Ball! LOL - That is so cute, Christine! :)