Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Enchanted Frog

Janet was. A happy little frog. She lived in a great big pond with her frog family.

One day Janet was hungry. She saw a fly and just had to chase it down the path. She finally caught the fly, but by then she realized she was lost and didn't know how to get home to her lilypad.

She saw a human and asked for help to find her home. The human, who wasn't just a human, but a witch, couldn't understand Janet. It just sounded like very ride ribbitting. The witch was not happy and turned. Janet into a human.

The witch laughed and walked away.

Janet didn't know what to do. She started crying and just wandering the path. Eventually she found the pond again, but her family didn't recognize her anymore.

A nice man named Bob was fishing in the pond and saw Janet trying to talk to the frogs. He listened to her story and felt sorry for her.

He took her home and introduced her to his wife, Molly. Bob and Molly had a nice home and took very good care of Janet.

Janet grew up with Bob and. Molly. She missed being a frog, but had a very nice life as a human and loved her new family very much.

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