Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gramma Molly

Christine and Gramma Molly
1998 - HS Graduation
Ten years ago today, my grandmother passed away. Gramma Molly was an amazing woman. She was an amazing grandmother. She was an amazing mom. She was amazing. Period. In every aspect of her life. She lived out the scripture, “In all you do, do to the glory of God.”

She listened with an open heart and mind when people talked to her. She loved with the love of God. She was faithful to her word. She was an example to be followed and a woman easy to love.

I remember thinking when I was growing up how cool and down to earth she was. That she listened to me, a kid, on my level. She didn't discount what I had to say because I was a kid. And as I grew up she continued to do the same. When I was in high school, I took her to my end of the year band banquet. I was embarrassed for her, because of the trendy and secular music and dancing and activities. Nothing bad, mind you, but I figured she was too old to be around some of the music and dancing. I figured it would offend her. She was having a blast and wanted to stay and was disappointed when I mentioned wanting to leave early. She encouraged me to stay and enjoy the end of the banquet. She was a fantastic “date.”

A couple years later I greatly disappointed my mom when I opted to get my belly button pierced. She was appalled at me, but I was 19 or 20, so there wasn't anything she could do. She thought she would impart the fiercest of all punishments and make me tell my grandmother, who came to town a couple weeks later. She figured my grandmother would scold me and tell me “what for.” But Gramma just laughed when I showed her my piercing. She didn't disapprove, not sure she approved, but she didn't give me the lecture my mother secretly hoped.

Gramma Molly started a tradition with us that I would like to continue (but I haven't fully convinced Josh yet that we should). On a birthday, she would get a small gift for the non-birthday girl. It was an un-birthday present. It wasn't much, usually a simpler version of the birthday girl's gift. But it was special. It was fun. It probably helped the jealousy that would no doubt reside in the other sibling.

In the summer of 2001, she had a trip planned to visit. But she had to have knee surgery and was unable to visit when originally planned. But we had a surprise visit from her a month later when she had an unexpected overnight layover in Denver. We had a great time with a quick breakfast in the morning and then off to the airport. When she returned home she mailed me a quick note that said she loved me and was sorry she couldn't stay longer, but would make sure she got out soon. Not 3 months later she got very ill and passed away. That note was tucked away in my drawer for awhile, unbeknownst to me that it would be my last communication with her. For several years I would find it spontaneously and start crying, tuck it away and move on. Finally I got tired of finding it and hid it away where I wouldn't come across it randomly anymore. Now I have no idea where that note resides. I think I'll look for it tonight after the girls go to bed.

I miss you Gramma Molly. You have touched me in ways that you never knew. You inspired me to be a woman of prayer. You taught me how to laugh and accept what was there before me. You were very special.

*I wish I had a better photo of the two of us, but they were all taken before digital cameras and therefore are scanned in and of lower quality.  I believe this is the most recent photo of the two of us.  This was 3 years before her passing.

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Manfred,Hanmer said...

Mother and Grandmother that follow Christ and life in His footstep are special and great memories and thankfull heart to be blessed be them. Manfred