Monday, August 1, 2011

Sad day for Audrey

Remember this post - Sunday Fun?

Audrey LOVES this house.  Anytime anyone is in the garage or driveway, she escapes to her house.  It was her little private space.  And a place for her and her friends to play without having to go in OUR house.

Well yesterday we had to say good-bye to the house.  I'm surprised it lasted this long.  Almost 4 months.  Spiders were beginning to take residence, Audrey's older brother took a screwdriver to it and damaged one side, and we needed to get a car into the garage.  

We told Audrey that because spiders were living there that we needed to throw it away.  She said "yeah."  But as we took it out to the driveway she started to freak out.  Not throw a "I want my way" temper tantrum, but she was really sad.  She sad on the floor and cried.  She was genuinely distraught.  So we changed our minds and tried to figure out a way to keep the house and put a car in the garage.

We couldn't.

So when Audrey went inside, we quickly tore it apart and put it in the recycle bin.

Of course she noticed.  Right away.

"Daddy threw away my house," she exclaimed.  The poor thing was so sad.  We distracted her the rest of the evening.  Then this morning, on our way to work, we drove by said recycle bin with cardboard sticking out the top.  She said, "Daddy, where's my house?"  Poor little girl.  

I feel awful, having to take away something so special.  I'm sure she doesn't remember playing all day with him building the house, but she knows it was her special place to play. And now it's gone.

So Josh will build her a new one in the back yard.  With wood.  And a real door.  And that one will be REALLY special.

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