Friday, February 27, 2009

End of February Happenings

New/Noteworthy:I've been expanding my baking skills. Last weekend I made a German Chocolate Cake. It was quite yummy.

Interesting Activity:Our niece Alexandra has a big math project. So she was at our place last weekend so I could help her with it.

Biggest Accomplishment:The German Chocolate Cake

Where We Went:Drove Kymberly to youth group on Tuesday so she could go bowling. While she bowled, I found a nearby coffee house to read a book. Took Andrew to youth group last night and did the same thing. It was nice having a couple hours to myself to just read.

What I learned:I enjoy periodic quiet time to read.

Weekend Plans:It's not supposed to rain until Saturday evening, so I'd like to go to a nearby park or something (the East Bay has over 100 regional parks and places to visit) and just play around. Maybe take the dog and the bikes and a camer or two.

On Sunday Josh and I are attending the New Member's class at church to learn more about the church and decide if becoming members is something we want to persue.

Fun Photo:This is the German Chocolate Cake.


Di said...

Aww, for some reason the picture of the cake didn't come up.

I LOVE my quiet time whenever I'm able to get it. I think it's great that you're getting some, we all need it.

Christine said...

OK. Cake photo fixed!!!

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

Good for you for stretching yourself in the baking department. With kids and a husband, you can hardly go wrong getting better with that skill. How long did the cake last?

I love going to a coffee shop or restaurant to sit and read and/or write. It's one of my favourite things to do. No demands are made on you and when you need your cup refilled, you just have to say something and there it is, filled again without a walk to the kitchen. I like being spoiled.

I hope your weekend plans turn out as hoped.

Christine said...

The cake lasted the weekend and then another day when the kiddos got home to finish it. We don't eat junk during the week, so if it's not gone by Sunday night, it gets tossed.

I may start bringing leftovers to work when we don't have the kids, just so it doesn't go to waste.