Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Happenings.....

New/Noteworthy: not a whole lot.....

Interesting Activity: Bossman gave me $20 last week as a "prize" for knowing the answer to a question in a meeting; however he expected me to answer it and gave me the $20 before the meeting and told me to keep my mouth shut. I bought some clothes with it.

Good friend of Josh's is in town for business and he came over for dinner on Wednesday night. That was fun.

Biggest Accomplishment: SIL came to visit on Sunday (as she often does) and we didn't spend any money!! YAY!!!

Where we went: the mall, church, dr office

What I learned: Hopefully will learn about maternity leave today.

Weekend Plans: Relax, stay in and out of the rain, maybe do some sewing, play guitar, enjoy the 3-day weekend.

Fun Photo: Not a new photo, as I haven't taken any recently. But this is a collage of some pics I took while in Michigan in November.

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Di said...

Yay for not spending money!!! That IS a big accomplishment!!!