Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm at a loss.........

I'm going to reflect briefly on politics and our government. I try to stay away from this subject in my blog because, well, I just don't know enough.

But ... I just can't help but believe there are better things to spend our money on right now than this.

I mean, really???? We're in a recession; home prices are at a 5+ year low; unemployment is at a 40 year high; the state of California doesn't have a budget and is taking extreme measures to cut costs like mandatory days off and delays in sending tax refunds; the state of California is out of unemployment benefits and is now borrowing from some other source for it; there's a salmonella outbreak in peanut butter and people are in the hospital because of it. So yeah ... let's spend the little money that we have on a GRAND JURY for someone who did something unethical, but not necessarily illegal, hurt nobody, is already disliked by most of America, and is retired from his career. That's really what I want my tax dollars paying for. Forget new text books for my step-children or fixing the housing crunch or giving out unemployment for the millions of unemployed.

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