Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is mom's birthday. I wrote this about her a few years ago and it's worth repeating.

My mom is a very special woman. She makes everyone around her feel very special. Well, at least me anyway; I can't speak for everyone.

She made a big deal out of breakfast with her. She wouldn't make it, but we'd go out. I remember being in middle school when I had braces and after my orthodontist appointments we'd make a stop off at Le Peep for breakfast; or if we wanted to go shopping, we'd get a Cinnabon first for breakfast.

But I think my favorite was when we worked together. Every morning we'd stop at Latta's bagels and get a bagel and a coffee (or beverage of choice) for breakfast. I know she did this whether I was with her or not, but it just made me feel so special to be with her in the car and then getting breakfast. A very fond memory I have of one summer was not only getting breakfast, but also listening to Chuck Swindol during the drive. It just so happened that he was on during the 25 minutes we would drive to work. VERY COOL. We heard some great sermons that summer.


Di said...

Awwww, how sweet! Happy Birthday, Christine's mom!!!!!

~*SharonMarie~* said...

Happy Birthday, Christine's Mom!

Hey Christine! - Been thinking about you for the past few days. I tried to click on your photos in your Friday blog, but could not get redirected to your flicker. :(

Hope you're doing well.
Be blessed,

Christine said...

Thank you for pointing that out Sharon-Marie ... they did not redirect to flickr. I thought they did that.

So ... here's the link to my flickr page.

Ryanne said...

Mmmm. Latta's. I think I gained 15lbs eating Latta's and protein shakes from the Nutrition Stop when I was working at Better Bodies.

Mom's are great.