Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Friday of March Happenings

It's starting to look like this is more of a bi-weekly posting, rather than weekly. I wish I could do it weekly, but I just get busy and forget on some Fridays. So, here goes ... two weeks of updates.

Josh really wanted a new phone. Verizon was having a pretty good deal, so we stopped in to see what they had for us. He was debating between teh Samsung Omnia and the Blackberry Storm. After playing with both and hearing what the saleslady had to say about them, he opted for the Storm. All Blackberries are Buy One Get One at Verizon right now, so we got two (with a 20% discount because we are VIP customers). Josh and I each have a new toy. We also learned that Verizon changed their pricing in their calling plans, so we were able to change the plan as well. It all worked out for us.

Interesting Activity:
Our town, Dublin, CA, has a pretty big St. Patrick's day festival --- go figure. We took part in that festival this year.

Josh ran in the Dublin Shamrock 5K fun run. He finished 11 (out of 112) in his age group and 80 (of 1000+) overall with a time of 22:11. He felt really good for his first race, and he looked good, from the 30 seconds we saw him run.

Kymberly marched in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. It was her first parade ever in marching band. It brought back many fond memories for me. There are times I really miss doing marching band. I'm glad there is someone I can share this part of my life with and cheer on. She had a blast. Her school (a middle school) is the highlight of the parade every year, according to the announcer (and mayor!). There were 3 or 4 different marching bands, and hers was by far teh best. We got some video of it, and a few photos on film. Unfortunately, our digital camera didn't have it's memory card the day of the parade, so we didn't get many photos on there. We got a couple of her getting ready.

Biggest Accomplishment:
I madea carrot cake last weekend. That was fun. I got to use the shredding attachment on the Kitchenaid Mixer for the first time. :) Josh LOVES carrot cake and said it was the best he's ever had.

Where we went:
We went lots of places.
Got Josh's ring sized ... again. It's a size 7! Time to stop losing weight honey!
Went to church.
Went to the Dublin St. Pats festival
I went to tutoring.

And last night Josh and I started Lamaze class. I'm the furthest along in the class, about the same age as everyone, maybe a tad younger. It was interesting. There were about 10 couples there.

The instructor is really funny and down to earth. So far it reaffirmed my reading and my thoughts/feelings/beliefs of what I want out of my delivery. I'm glad I'm taking the class.

Because I've done LOTS of reading this pregnancy, there wasn't a lot in this week's class that was new information. But it's good to get it again and again and again. I like to be overprepared for things anyway.

What I learned:
How to make a carrot cake.

I did learn, or at least re-solidify, the different positions/stations of labor. Good information to keep in my brain.

Weekend Plans:
It's going to be sunny, so we're going to do lots of yardwork, wash the cars, wash the stinky dog, and enjoy the sun.
We'll try not to spend any money.

Josh is playing softball for church; he has batting practice on Sunday, and then a game on Monday night.

I also plan on making another cake and this time trying out a fondant recipe.

Fun Photo:

A collage of Josh's 5K running.

Kymi in her marching band uniform for the parade!

Carrot Cake

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Di said...

Ooooo, I think I'm gonna get a Storm, too, when it's time.
It sounds like you had such a fun time!!
AAnd you are so lucky to get a good Lamaze teacher! I'm glad her thinking supports yours!!!

Catherine said...

Wow, size 7 for a man's ring!

Stacy said...

We almost got Blackberrys last time we were due for new cell phones. We just couldn't swing the extra $30/month for the unlimited data plans.

tandabat said...

Love the great big band uniform grin. Nice colors. ;)

Sounds like I'll have no wants when it comes to dessert when I'm there. I'll have to find something just as impressive to make for you.