Monday, March 30, 2009

Responses to Comments

I'm not sure how many of you actually get comments e-mailed to you ... so I thought I'd reply in a new post.

Di said
Ooooo, I think I'm gonna get a Storm, too, when it's time.
It sounds like you had such a fun time!!
AAnd you are so lucky to get a good Lamaze teacher! I'm glad her thinking supports yours!!!

Unless you can get a discount or want 2, I'd wait until the price drops a little more.  I'm not sure if it's worth the full $200 they want.  But I really like it.  Especially if you want an iphone style phone but don't want AT&T.  

Catherine said
Wow, size 7 for a man's ring!
Yeah.  Small fingers now.  I'm at a 6, so he's only 1 size bigger than me.  And his is probably still a little big, but since he has bigger knuckles, he needed it bigger.  It's been sized 3 times now.

Stacy said,
We almost got Blackberrys last time we were due for new cell phones. We just couldn't swing the extra $30/month for the unlimited data plans.
Yeah, it can feel like a lot in teh beginning.  Actually, when I got my first smartphone a year ago it was $50 for unlimited data.  I backed down to the $25 for 10 GB in the summer.  Now $30 seems really cheap.  I think Verizon decided to lower their data plan price to match their competitors.  AT&T and T-Mobile and Sprint are significantly less.  

The best part was that we were paying extra for unlimited txting, but now we don't have to because they have that included in a price plan for the same price as we were paying before.  Every now and then ya just gotta look and see what price plans are and readjust if necessary.  I'm glad we did.

Sarah said
Love the great big band uniform grin. Nice colors. ;)

Sounds like I'll have no wants when it comes to dessert when I'm there. I'll have to find something just as impressive to make for you.
Isn't that a good uniform?  She LOVES the cowboy hat.  I showed her pictures of our band uniforms, and then the old one that Roberta wore her freshman year (did you ever see that one).  She said she liked the old one better.  And doesn't like the hats on ours.  But loved the drum major uniform with the GIANT plumes.

What do you make?  You are free to cook anything you want in our kitchen.  Tell me your favorite dessert and I'll make sure I know how to make it when you get here.  The perfect way to celebrate your weight loss and hard work to walk 60 miles!  ;)

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tandabat said...

My favorite dessert? Double chocolate chocolate chip cake with dark chocolate icing. Which I'm sure you've had with me. It was my standard birthday cake for about 20 years.

I cook mostly homemade soups in the crockpot. But I've learned to make Maple Salmon, Grapefruit Chicken, and Baked Pears among other things. I actually LIKE cooking now. Strange, isn't it.