Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun Foto Friday...

So many things to blog about, so little time.......

Josh's dad and step-mom came out for a visit 2 weeks ago. They met Audrey for the first time. Sydney made a quilt for Audrey that won 2nd place at the Nebraska State Fair. Audrey was all smiles that weekend, which made Grandma and Grandpa very happy!

Grampa and Gramma Roosa Collage

The day after they left, my BFF Sarah, whom I have known since 7th grade, came out for a visit. She was here to visit, meet Audrey, and walk in the breast cancer 3 day in San Francisco. We had fun playing.

Slight tangent:
I have a best friend named Sarah - Sarah Elisabeth. Josh's sister is also names Sarah - Sarah Elizabeth. It's only mildly confusing. Josh and I know who we are talking about when one of us tells a story about a Sarah, but the rest of the family does not. I mentioned that Sarah was coming about 10 times and every time somebody different said, "Auntie Sarah is coming?" or, "I didn't know my sister was coming to town..." It became very obvious that we needed to distinguish between the two. So Josh's sister is Auntie Sarah, since his kids and our niece have been calling her that for 15 years. My BFF Sarah's last name starts with a B. And to the kids, she's the second of the two Sarahs. So we nicknamed her Auntie B; she went one step further and decided it's Auntie Bee. So for future entries, Auntie Sarah is Sarah R, Josh's sister, and Auntie B (Or Aunt B) is Sarah B, my BFF.
End tangent.

Sarah did a lot of playing in the city by herself while I was at work. Then she walked in the 3day.


Then I took a couple days off and we played ourselves. We went to the SF Zoo, the SF Bay Aquarium, and we went wine tasting.

The zoo was great because it's off season and so there weren't very many visitors. Audrey laughed at the giraffe and the zebra. That was about all she could really see, though. All the other exhibits were either too far away, or she was sleeping.


She thought the aquarium was funny. There was a cylindrical aquarium of smallish fish that were just swimming in circles. Hundreds of them, swimming round and round. We got up close and she just laughed! She was amused by the jellyfish too. And the large fish in the other large tanks were pretty cool, but she was too hungry to really focus too long. But she got a kick out of the Giant Sea Bass.

Sarah and I enjoyed a nice day in Livermore, tasting the local wines. There were some good and some notsogood. We each bought a couple bottles. I plan on enjoying a bottle this weekend to celebrate our anniversary.

Also this past weekend, Audrey had her first solid food. We introduced her to some rice cereal. We started with a little less than a tablespoon. She wasn't sure what to do with it. She spit most of it out, but some made it down to her belly. We have fed her a little every day and she's now up to about 3-4 tablespoons a day, which is where she will stay for awhile. She now knows it's food and is helping me feed her. Yum!



And she surprised us last week by showing us something we suspect she learned in daycare. Josh was grabbing a bottle to feed her; she saw the bottle and her eyes widened. She reached out her hands and grabbed a hold of it. She HAD to help hold it. And held it herself briefly.


She's been congested too, which leads me to believe that my congestion from a couple weeks ago wasn't allergies, but a cold. She hasn't had a fever or been fussy or runny. Just stuffy. We've had to suck goobers out of her nose or wipe things away. Only one night was it really bad that she was snoring.

And she's been talking in her sleep. It's quite amusing, really. About 3:30 in the morning she just started with her little coos. I got up to check on her, put her binky back in her mouth, and roll her back to the center of the crib. She wasn't awake as I suspected. I guess she was having an interesting dream.

We are, briefly, guest free. After nearly 3 weeks of guests in the house (and at least one a month since Audrey was born), it's nice to have some quiet.

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