Sunday, October 25, 2009

Due to the corrupt world in which we live, I have made all my photos of Audrey private on my flickr page.

If you would like access to them, join flickr and become my friend. From there you can receive emails about my updates, or just go in and look for yourself. Flickr is free. All you need is a yahoo! account to join.

Or else, you can join totspot and become friends with Audrey and me there. If you need more information on either totspot or flickr, email me or leave me a comment and I can email you.

Also ... if you follow my blog and use Google products, please click on the "follow me" link off to the side. I'm just curious how many people do follow my blog. Or if you don't want to "follow," leave me a comment so I know you are reading. Lastly, if you don't already know, there are many ways one can get automatic updates to blogs. Sites like Google Reader or Bloglines are just 2 that I know of that will automatically tell you if you have updates to any blogs (or any site that has an RSS or XML feed). I'm a Google user, so I personally use Google Reader.

That's all the business items for today. Thank you for contemplating with me.

Happy Sunday.
2 months until Christmas
1 month and 25 days until my (30th) birthday


Michelle L said...

We're Google Reader users as well.
- M&M

Di said...

I follow!!!!!!