Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Friends

Our worship director (Brian) and family (Lara and two kids, Hannah and Josh), are fairly new to the area and the church. They moved here in March-ish, when he was hired full time. Josh has been playing drums with the church since July and has really enjoyed it. We've been wanting to have them over for quite some time, but our schedules are so crazy that it was a magic trick to find time that worked for both families.

They came over on Sunday for lunch and stayed for a few hours. We visited over lasagne, cake, brownies, wine, drums, the dog, Nick Jr, a baby, and the activities of a 5 and 3 year old who have no toys of their own.

We had a great time visiting, enjoying each other's company and getting to know each other on a more personal level. Lara really enjoyed getting to spend more time with Audrey. The kids, Hannah and Josh (aged 5 and 3), both really liked the baby too. They kept trying to play with her, but Audrey isn't really at a full interacting stage yet; they still thought she was pretty cool.

We introduced the kids to Sheila (our dog). They were very timid at first, but Sheila is a nice dog and really good with kids. They warmed up to her nicely. Then they quickly got bored and wanted to go inside.

Josh has been saying for several months that he really wants some good friends from the church. We're both thinking that Brian and Lara are good people, similar in age to us, and also new to the area and the church. We're trying to actively cultivate a friendship with them.

I wish real life were like Facebook and I could send a friend request to them. "Will you be my friend?" Then we can see each other's daily thoughts and activities and our friendship would grow. But alas, we must do things the old fashioned way...........

I wish I had taken more photos of their visit, but I was too busy ... visiting. Next time.
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