Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daily Contemplations

Today's contemplations, thoughts, questions, or other rambles.....
  • Thankful for an understanding boss and sick leave.
  • Mmmmmm ...... Apple Pie is ready for tomorrow.
  • In the for what its with category: the freecycle in my area is worthless. no one responds to offers or wanteds and the mods are too strict!
  • Note to self: cranberries stain.
  • Stupid HMO won't pay my medical bill they're supposed to pay! GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
  • Pumpkin pie ready too!
  • Pumpkin pie: done. Cran jelly: done. Apple pie: done. Rolls: thawing. Bread cubes: drying. Turkey: thawed. we're ready.
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