Monday, October 12, 2009


It's Monday. Did you know that????

Audrey was fussier than usual early this morning, so I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. I overslept and didn't get up until almost 6:00. Not that big of a deal since I'm working from home today. I fed her (and she was extra hungry) and got ready to go running. Haven't run like I should recently, so I had a hard time running. Had to walk more than I have in the past.

Got home and found myself locked out of the house. Both kids had gone to school already and either started or didn't have a phone. So I had to find an open window and take out the screen to get in. (I usually take a spare key with me, but it was removed from the jogging stroller when we had house guests.) I finally got in and scrambled to get ready to start my day.

I finally got working. Audrey was asleep. Now where are my glasses??? Still haven't found them.

Took my break at 10 to feed Little Miss. Just as I'm finishing up and ready to get working again she blows out her diaper. So I had to give her a quick bath. Now I have to do laundry.

Monday's exist even when not in the office.

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