Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Brag Blog

Today is Joshua's 36th birthday.

Yesterday's "Priceless" post bragged about him and his new God-journey. Today's post is just bragging about him.

I love my husband very much.

He provides for us emotionally, financially, domestically.

He is better at housework than me. And he never complains that he does most of the chores. Nor does he often ask for help.

He is AWESOME with Audrey. Always helping me when he can - changing diapers, entertaining, getting dressed, showers, bed, feeding, etc. It's obvious that we are PARTNERS in this parent thing.

He is a great dad to his other two children too. Instructing them, disciplining them, loving them. Letting them be themselves. Showing them how to love God. Chatting with them on their level. Never teasing or criticizing.

He is constantly showing love for me in romantic ways. Telling me I'm beautiful when I'm feeling at my worst (and unprompted even). WANTING to spend time with me. Doing my mundane errands with me. Letting me go shopping when I feel a shopping bug. Not complaining about shopping for my things when he's with me. Playing silly games with me. Kissing me randomly. Dancing with me in the kitchen.

Happy Birthday Joshua. I'm glad you are in my life and you get to live another year!!!!

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