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drum pics
drum pics
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PDP Platinum Tobacco Burst Drum Kit: $1400
Zildjian A Custom Cymbals: $700
Hardware: $300
Cowbell: $25
Drink Holder: $15
Countless Drumsticks: $6/pair

Finding a hobby and Niche in church: PRICELESS!

When we moved to the new house and instantly had lots of extra room and no shared walls, Josh bought himself a drumset. He's played a little here and there since high school, but never owned his own kit.

He did lots of reading and research and found the pieces that he needed/wanted to make his kit work for him. He watches oodles of youtube videos to get ideas. He is constantly reading about technique.

He is a 100% self-taught drummer. He's committed to being the best he could be.

At our church membership class he announced that he likes to play the drums. Pastor Mike immediately passed Josh's name on to the new worship leader. After some auditions and some practices with the band and prayer, Josh started playing drums in the church. It started as 1 Sunday every few weeks and has grown so that he's the primary drummer at the church.

He gets comments almost weekly about how animated he is and how much people enjoy watching him play. How he helps bring others into a worshipful spirit and mindset.

Through his involvement on the worship team, he has met some great Christian men and has begun forming friendships. Brian is his first real Christian friend. He has seen God at work. He has deepened his love for the Lord.

His primary music is now the worship music that he practices for church. He runs to it. Listens to it in the car. Throws on the Christian radio station in the car, or the Christian music channel on the TV. His first reaction to a difficult scenario now is to pray. His parenting styles now include time for prayer and advising the kids to pray about their paths.

He is challenging me and convicting me in certain areas of my life.

He has been transformed into a strong spiritual leader for our family.

It's been so neat to be close to the transformation and watch it happen.

Praise God for our drumset.

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