Monday, March 15, 2010

Challenge Results

Well, I was successful in not using my phone or the computer this weekend.  It wasn't really that hard, I wasn't really going through withdrawal, but I did have those moments when I thought, "Oh this would make a GREAT FB update."  

I found myself reading when I had 20 minutes of downtime, instead of playing on my phone or checking forums.

I don't think my time with my family was any more special, simply because I put my phone away during family time anyway.

However, I had so many things to read this morning when I turned my computer on.  It will be awhile until I fully catch up.

So yes, I can go a weekend without my phone.  I could probably go a week, but would need to check email for bills and such.  But I don't want to.  I'm not addicted to it, it isn't interfering with my relationships or real life.  But I don't want to.

I like the relationships I've forged and rebuilt via the internet.  I like the photos I can post online.  I like the ease of communication.  I like having something to do when I find myself waiting unexpectedly when no one is around.  There you have it.

And all the things you missed while I was sans-phone this weekend:

  • A super cute photo of Audrey sleeping in the shopping cart
  • Knowing that Josh and I went on a lunch-date and had a great time
  • A reminder to set your clocks ahead
  • An admission that we almost forgot to set OUR clocks ahead
  • I didn't have any trouble losing my hour of sleep; if anything it was better because Audrey slept great.
  • Knowing that I was waiting for a St. Patrick's Day parade to start
  • My step-son drove me around for the first time - and it's fun to be the licensed driver in the car with someone with a permit because you not only are allowed to, but you HAVE to backseat drive.
  • hearing that Audrey went potty in her own potty on Sunday morning (Thank you Josh for tweeting that for me.....)
  • couldn't post the photos or videos from Open Mic night on Friday night - will have to work on those this week
  • An announcement of a great impromptu lunch with some good friends
I'm sure there's more I could've posted and done this weekend.  But in all reality, we were so busy I'm not sure I could've gotten much done on the computer.


Angela said...

I think it's good to turn the technology off once in a while. Maybe picking one day a week is a good idea.

Christine said...

that's easy to say coming from someone who doesn't even own a cell phone.

Unfortunately, working on a computer all day makes it too easy to use them all the time.