Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mmm .... Food!!!!

Audrey LOVES her finger food. She loves all food, really. But finger foods are extra fun for her. We get to church early so that Josh can warm up with the worship team. So Audrey and I sit in the youth room waiting for the first service to end. I bring toys for her and she digs through the diaper bag for entertainment. I also bring a small tupperware of finger foods for her. One Sunday she was digging through the diaper bag and found the tupperware of food. She went crazy when she realized what it was. She was trying very hard to open it.

Big brother Andrew saved the day and fed her a few pieces.

A few minutes later Andrew wandered off to go do something and Audrey was left alone again with her puffs. She started trying very hard to open the tupperware again. Finally she popped the top off and there were little Gerber Puffs all over the floor. Mommy quickly ran over to clean them up, but Aud Ball is fast. She saw them all over the floor and her eyes got very wide. She slammed her hands on the floor and tried to grab as many as she could get before Mommy cleaned them up. It was like a video game ... who can get the most. She had two tiny hands very full of Gerber Puffs. She stuffed them in her mouth before I could take them out of her hand.

I was reminded of myself as a young child with dad's popcorn. Quick ... grab a huge handful and put it in my mouth before he gets back from the bathroom.

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